The Panama Private Foundation as an asset protection solution

The Panama Foundation is a type of private foundation specifically designed as an asset protection tool. It was introduced in 1995 by the Panamanian government (through the Private Interest Foundation Act) and is based on the principles of the Swiss, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein family foundations.

The most obvious advantage of the Panamanian private foundation is that it is a stand-alone legal entity that is independently able to exercise its rights, enter into contracts, acquire property, etc.

On the other hand, the difference between an offshore limited liability company and a private foundation is that the latter is non-commercial and cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is also not to be confused with a corporation that has owners and members.

However, a Panamanian private foundation can participate in investment activities: real estate, stocks, bonds, patents, holdings, stocks, etc.

Typically, a Panamanian private foundation is set up for a specific purpose, after which an individual or group benefits from the foundation. The Panamanian non-profit public foundation is for charitable purposes, while a Panamanian private foundation will most likely be established to preserve and safeguard the legacy of family members or other individuals.

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